Unrivaled Credit Card Able To Build, Rebuild, Or Reestablish Your Credit!

Surge Mastercard Offering Up to a $750 Credit Limit for All Credit Types

At some point throughout life, each one of us will have to go through the process of either building, rebuilding or repairing our credit. Life has a way sometimes of presenting challenges that can cause us to have financial difficulties. When that happens it can be quite a task in order to start over. A Surge card is one of the best ways of building up the credit options for millions of Americans who are struggling to establish high levels of credit capable of making the movement towards buying a house or a new car a lot simpler to complete for those who may have no credit or a low credit score.

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The problem many people face when they are looking to rebuild bad credit is that of a lack of accounts offering them the chance to develop their credit and build a better life. Across the U.S., consumers are turning to the Surge Mastercard in a bid to develop their own credit with a dedicated push to become a more active participant in the economy. Among the benefits of the Surge card are:

  • Welcomes all credit from poor to excellent
  • Reports monthly to the major credit bureaus
  • A fast and easy application process
  • Initial credit limit of up to $500

The Web-based application process used for the Surge credit card takes only seconds to complete and results in an instant response with a decision about the success of the consumer. Perhaps the most important benefit for those looking to reestablish credit is the chance to have each monthly payment reported to the three major credit bureaus used by banks, credit unions, and other loan providers to allow consumers the chance to make purchases based on their credit alone.


Applying for the Surge Credit Card has never been easier with the chance to rebuild poor credit one that should not be missed by those consumers struggling to create a better life form themselves or their families. Most banks do offer credit cards however the individual must have a minimum required credit score. So when one thinks about obtaining a credit card their first thought will probably not be to go to a bank. But what most people do not know is that there are some banks that do have credit cards for individuals who have low or poor credit scores. Bank of America is one of the many banks nowadays that are offering credit cards to individuals with low or poor credit.

When Applying

Before applying for a Surge Mastercard there are also some other features to consider. Although this credit card is designed for individuals with poor credit, the credit card company does not advertise that in order to be approved for the full amount of $500 dollars the applicant should still be at the higher end of the poor credit score spectrum. Meaning if someone falls into the 500 to 600 Credit Score range, then more than likely they would be approved for the full $500 credit limit amount. If it is someone with less than a 500 credit score then depending on the range they would fall in, an applicant could be prompted to put down a deposit of $50, $150 or even the full $500 dollar amount just to have access to the credit line. Yes, this is one of the credit cards able to rebuild credit but it also has some drawbacks.

Annual Percentage Rate

Obviously, the way this credit card can help to either build, establish or reestablish an individual’s credit is the same as any other credit cards but their (APR) annual percentage rate is quite higher than other credit card companies. In addition, they also charge an annual membership fee of $150 dollars for the first year and then going forward the fee is lowered to $99 dollars. Either way, the annual membership fee is astounding. There is also a monthly maintenance fee of $10 dollars. The maintenance fee averages up to $120 dollars per year.

Alternative Credit Card Options 

There are other alternative credit cards to the Surge Mastercard that can offer some of the same qualities but an individual may not necessarily be approved for them. Even though the Surge Mastercard gives an individual the opportunity to reestablish their credit or to build credit, it is one of the very few credit cards that will approve almost anyone so long as they are willing to deal with the added fees and the possibility of having to do a deposit. It can also be used as credit cards able to reestablish credit. No matter where the credit of an individual lies on the scale ranging from no credit to excellent, this credit card allows all individuals to apply with a positive response usually received based on the available credit of the individual. There are a number of benefits of card applications made through Surge including the ability of millions of Americans to make the choice to rebuild bad credit in a safe, secure, and trusted fashion.

Surge Is A Trusted Payment Option Across The Planet

The Surge Mastercard has become a trusted option for millions of Americans looking to explore the nation and wider world as they set out to develop a new and exciting way of living their lives. As a part of Mastercard family, the Surge credit card is welcomed as a payment option across the planet for those who make the excellent decision to apply for this card and re-establish credit for the good of their future.

Surge ReputationImage result for surge mastercard illustration

As anybody looking to rebuild their credit knows, the chance to re-establish credit can only be done by working with a professional and security conscious company with a range of options open to the consumer who is looking for the best possible ways of developing a stronger level of credit. The need to rebuild bad credit in conjunction with a professional and personable company who have a strong and trusted reputation among consumers across the U.S. makes the use of a Surge card the best possible option for those struggling to rebuild any level of credit or are simply looking for a credit card offering a range of excellent benefits.

Surge Mastercard Various Options 

The Surge Mastercard is an unsecured credit card that individuals can take advantage of in order to rebuild or build their credit. This credit card does not require a minimum deposit however it will only allow a $500 dollar usage limit. Individuals with really low credit scores can still apply and are approved but an individual must pay off any balances that they incur on the card in a timely fashion. By doing this it will help to improve an individuals credit score or help them rebuild their credit score. This card also offers additional perks such as a fast and easy application process, it allows customers to utilize ATM machines anywhere that accept MasterCard logos, it offers online access 24 hours a day and it reports to all three Credit Bureaus. Being able to find the right credit cards able to reestablish credit or credit cards able to build credit is something that everyone should consider when searching to apply for getting a credit card. Although no two credit cards are alike the additional benefits and perks that come with those cards can make a difference in whether not individual applies for that particular card. The overall purpose of credit cards is to give individuals a way to have access to extra funds that they may need in times of an emergency and may not have access to otherwise. But in doing so one has to consider a credit card that is going to be able to benefit them in the long run.

Always Read The Fine Print

What a credit card holder does not want to do is to select a credit card that can have too many fees, high percentage interest rates, a non-manageable monthly repayment balance or a card that may have hidden extra fees and charges. Simply put when someone is looking for a credit card able to build credit, to re-establish credit or rebuild their credit an individual must really do their research regarding any credit card that they may have an interest in. They should also keep an open mind because the credit card that they may have an interest in may not necessarily be the best credit card for them. If an individual does obtain a credit card that they are not necessarily fond of then once they have rebuilt their credit they should then apply for a credit card that suits them better.

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