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Credit Card and Financial Planning for Americas Retirees

The emergence of credit cards has no doubt simplified the lives of many people. Gone are the days when we used to walk around with huge chunks of cash in our pockets. Nowadays, all we need is a credit card, and we are ready to go. Though a majority of credit cards are similar in most instances, there exists a huge difference when it comes to various credit card offers and bonuses available in these cards. Some credit cards will offer you the right bonuses depending on your age while others will either offer you the same bonuses at a lower rate or no offers at all. As a senior citizen, getting the right credit card can save you cash and simplify your day to day shopping and traveling experience.

Choosing the Best Credit Cards for SeniorsImage result for credit cards for seniors Illustration

When it comes to choosing the best credit cards for seniors, it is of the essence to consider some factors. For instance, retired folks are more likely to travel as compared to the working individuals. The notion behind this argument can be based on the fact that the retired people are not as committed as compared to the working folks. With this in mind, retirees should consider getting credit cards that offer travel and swiping bonuses. Apart from this, great credit options should be the one that allows you to swipe in a foreign country with no extra charges should also be an option. This is of the essence since some credit card companies will take advantage of your international travels to mint money from you. As a retiree, though in most cases you will be spending what you have made in your lifetime, it is also wise to spend the cash in a friendly manner.

Importance of Interest Rates 

Another important point that you should keep it close to your fingertips is the interest rates charged on your credit card. Different credit card companies have varying levels of interest rates in their terms and policies. For instance, the amount of which you will be paying will determine the type of credit card that you will purchase. When buying or applying for credit cards for seniors or retirees, it is advisable to choose a card that has favorable standard rates. In most cases, credit cards for retirees usually have standard rates that can vary from 10% to 20% depending on the company subscribed.

Types of Card Offers

The manner in which you will be paying your balance will also determine the type of credit card that you are going to purchase. In such a case, what you should know or bear in mind is the purpose of the credit card. Some senior citizens usually purchase credit cards as a source of funding or for financial purchasing services. Many credit cards companies often offer interest-free purchases depending on the type of goods purchased or the period covered by the credit card. For instance, we have credit cards that offer up to three months of interest-free purchases provided you are in a position to pay off the balance within the stipulated time. Credit cards for retirees stipulate that you must be in a position to pay the balance of your credit card in full each and every month. The downside about these cards is the fact that they have a higher interest and annual fee rate as compared to other credit cards. If you know that you will be having a problem paying your balance in a monthly manner, then it is highly advisable to avoid the interest-free period offered by credit cards.

Research Before Deciding

As a senior citizen or retiree, when searching for the best credit options, it is advisable to carry out extensive research before deciding on the credit card that you are going to purchase. The notion behind this argument is based on the fact that some credit card companies have stiffer rules and high-interest rates as compared to other companies. By conducting research, you will be in a position to pick up the best and most competitive credit card that will guarantee you great dividends in return. As a point of advice, choose a company that will provide you with different credit card offers.

Extra Facts About Credit Card Offers For Seniors

The best credit cards for seniors should include rewards, and they tend to have very low rates. Low rates on credit cards are always out there because the cards could be used to make unexpected purchases or small daily purchases. You might try the card because you know that it helps with unexpected purchases, and the rewards that are involved pay you back a little bit. Someone who is trying to improve their credit could use one of these cards because the card will help with low payments that improve your overall credit score. Be sure that you have read the terms and conditions of each card before signing up. Every card is a little bit different.

The Cards Are Easy To Apply For 

The best credit cards for retirees are very easy to use and apply for. You will find that most of these cards allow you to apply online or over the phone. The seniors who apply for these cards do not want to be confused by what they are applying for, and talking to someone on the phone makes this easier on everyone. The person who wants to apply online can see all the terms and rates before the application is processed.

The Cards Come With Incredible Customer Service Image result for Credit Card for Seniors

The cards have an incredible amount of customer service to provide to each person, and this is especially important for seniors. Facts about credit card offers for seniors must include the high level of customer service that someone is going to receive. Seniors need to know that they can press zero to reach someone, and they need to know that they can get their conflicts resolved quickly. More technically inclined seniors can live chat online, and they could get answers to their questions on the website.

Calling The Company That Provides The Card 

The best credit cards for seniors are fascinating because they also offer service from the company that provides the card. Visa or MasterCard have customer service options that the seniors can take advantage of, and this is especially helpful when searching for the best credit cards for retirees. Retirees tend to be traveling, and they need that extra little bit of service that helps them book travel, get an extra train ticket, or schedule a special activity. These little things make the cards much more functional, and they make the cards easier for people to use because of the fact that they can call both the regular customer service line and the logo’s line.

Lowering Payments Over Time

Cards for seniors or retirees should have the lowest possible rates, and those rates might drop over time if the card is used well and kept up to date. Someone who wants to lower their payments can call for a much lower interest rate, and they might ask for an upgraded card in the future that offers the lowest possible rate. Some people can use both cards because they will have different purchases that they can make with each card. Someone who wants to change their overall plan for using the card can figure out pretty quickly that one could be for saving for the future while another is for use every day.

The Cards Are Secure 

Seniors are often concerned about the security of their cards because they do not want to lose their identity. They will have chips in each card, and the cards even offer the option to create a special account number for the user to try online. Seniors will feel much safer when using these cards, and they could call the company for assistance if they ever have someone use their card fraudulently. The cardholder is never held to account for this, and they should call if they come across any problems that they think include the fraudulent use of their card.

Image result for Credit Card for SeniorsSpending Power 

The limit can increase over time because the card has been used faithfully. Someone who wants to use the card every day will notice that the company wants to increase their limit every couple of months. This is good for seniors who need better ways to pay for things that help them live their best life. Someone who wants to make changes to their overall finances will notice that they can use these cards now because they were made for retirees. They will get much more from the card because it is made for someone like you.

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