First Access Visa® Offers Quick & Easy Approvals for Bad Credit

First Access Visa® Card Review 2021 - Build or Rebuild Credit

Once your credit is damaged, it’s hard to come back. Your credit score is one of the most important numbers in your life, but many people don’t realize just how important it is in their lives until it’s too late. It’s a difficult situation in which to find yourself, but it happens all the time to consumers. Whether you were careless with your credit at some point or someone else damaged it without your knowledge, there is no easy way to fix this score without hard work and financial understanding. Paying your bills on time, lowering your credit balances, and getting back on track are the ways to get your credit score back on track. However, you should also apply for a credit card. It might not seem like the best way to help your credit when you’re applying for more, but it’s helpful. Credit bureaus need to see you using credit responsibly. That’s where the quick & easy approval First Access Visa is beneficial. Bad credit approval is possible with the First Access card, and it can help you raise your credit score fast.

How The First Access Visa Card Can Help Change Your Credit

You need to have some facts about the First Access Visa card if you plan to use it to repair your credit. You can completely change your financial future if you are using this card, and you must know how to apply for the First Access Visa card so that you can get started. There are a few things that you need to know about this card, and you should consider what it does for you when you are trying to get your finances in order.

How Do You Get A Good Rate? 

You get a good rate on this card by taking a look at the way their rates are set up. You could begin with a promotional rate that is very low, and you might move on to another rate that is the regular rate. You are given a fixed rate so that you do not need to worry about it changing, and you might plan to use this card for only a couple of months until you get another one. If that is the case, you might consider stepping up to the next card because that will give you more spending power. You should contact the company for help if you want to get more spending power, and they offer great customer service.

Customer Care

Customer care through this card is very good, and it is just like the care you get with any other Visa card. Visa is the card carrier, and they will give you many different amenities that other companies will not offer. You could use the card to get concert tickets, and they might offer you the concierge services that you need. You simply need to look at what Visa offers because you might only want to use their cards in the future.


There are some rewards options for credit repair cards, and you must learn what is available to you right now. You might be given a cashback reward that will pay back into your account. You could receive rewards as gift cards, and you might choose rewards that are prizes sent to you by the company. There are many people who prefer to get something back for all the purchases they have made, and you must remember that the rewards change based on what you ask for.

How To Apply For The First Access Visa Card 

You must learn how to apply for First Access Visa card online when checking out their website. You could take a look at their application form, and you can send it in at any time. You usually do not need to wait for the approval, and you must have the application sent when you are ready to change your credit. You can apply for the other cards that the company has if you want, and you could have more than one of these cards open at the same time.

Bad Credit Approval 

The First Access Visa card is one you don’t want if you have excellent credit already, but it’s helpful for those in need of a boost when their credit is already damaged. This card offers almost guaranteed approval for anyone with bad credit, including those with scores lower than 600. It works just like any other credit card offered by any other lender, but it has a much lower credit limit. The available credit is only $300 from the start, which is good for helping people with questionable credit work on their scores. This card works well if you keep the balance paid in full each month. You must use it, however, or it won’t do much to help your credit score. The best way to use this card is to buy a few small things every month and pay the balance in full at the end of the month. The company reports your use to all the major credit bureaus, which is why it’s imperative you use it wisely.

The Details Behind The Card

This card comes with quick & easy approval, but it also comes with less than ideal terms in comparison to other cards. This card comes with a 29.99% APR, and you’re paying a fee that lowers your limit before you ever use the card. There is an annual fee that’s waived for one year. You pay it on the first anniversary of becoming a cardholder with First Access. The available credit limit is only $300, and it’s immediately lowered when you activate your card. You must pay a processing fee to activate your card. This fee is $89, though it might be a little lower for those with better than bad credit. This is not ideal, but it’s often the only way you qualify for credit when your credit history is poor.

Simple Facts About The First Access Visa Card 

The simple facts about the First Access Visa card include its low rates, easy application process, and credit repair program. The card gets you into the program as fast as it can, and it uses secured credit to make your credit look better. You must use the card to make weekly purchases, and you should keep it in good standing by always making your payments. You will find that you could easily begin to repair your credit with just one card, and you could even use this card as a stepping stone to other cards. You are not stuck with this card alone once you begin to repair your credit.

Using This Card Responsibly Related image

If you choose to use this card, you are choosing to work with a very high-interest rate. The best way to handle this card is to keep the balance paid in full to avoid interest. The rate won’t matter if you don’t carry a balance. You do have access to online payments, account information, and help 24-hours per day, and you also have access to cash advances at any ATM in the United States. All cardholders are eligible for a credit line increase after using their card responsibly for six months. The credit line increase is available using your online statement. You can choose the option to request a credit line increase. You’ll provide a little bit of personal and financial information, as well as your current monthly debt information. If you are approved, you will receive an approval notice within two weeks of submitting your application for a credit line increase.

Your Credit Score

Your credit can be improved if you use a card wisely. It’s best to have a mix of credit available to you. This includes a mortgage, a personal loan, car loans, and credit cards. You don’t need all of the above, but more than one line of credit goes a long way toward helping improve your credit provided you use it correctly. This card is great for rebuilding a poor credit score, but it is one you will eventually stop using in favor of a card with a higher limit and a much lower rate. Use this card responsibly and watch your credit score improve.

Extra Cards 

Extra cards that you are looking for are step-up cards that you will use to pay for other things that you need to buy in the future. You might have considered getting extra cards because you need something for emergencies, and you might get more rewards and lower rates. You should call the company if you need more options for getting better cards, and they might process your application over the phone. This makes it so much easier for you to manage your credit, and you will save yourself a lot of money because of the fact that you have more than one card in your wallet.

Who Needs These Cards?

Once you learn how to apply for the First Access Visa card, you should decide if this is the card for you. Anyone who needs more credit can apply for these cards right now, and they will find that they can use these cards to get their finances together. You make small payments, and you will not need to spend your own money all the time. You could use these cards for daily purchases, and they become an option for you so that you do not feel so hamstrung by the money that you need to spend.

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