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Readydebit Visa Select Sunset Prepaid Card

An increasing issue many are facing is finding a credit card when their credit is less than ideal or maybe even nonexistent. Without the proven ability to pay the money back to a lending institution, banks are hesitant to approve individuals for any type of card, let alone a credit card. This is a concern for many who are trying to build their credit, but not have the tools or the means to do so without first obtaining one of these cards. A great alternative CC for bad credit and a CC for no credit is the READYdebit Visa card, which has features designed for individuals in this situation specifically.

Why is it a Good Choice for Someone with Little to No Credit?

This card has several features that make it great for those with little or no credit:

  • No credit checks
  • Free direct deposit
  • ATM cash access

To start, the READYdebit Visa card requires no credit checks to be approved. This is the main reason why many are unable to obtain a traditional credit card, so this card automatically has a leg up on the competition, however, it also requires no minimum balances to remain active. By having no minimum amount that needs to remain in your account, this card is perfect for those with low or potentially inconsistent incomes. Featuring free direct deposit, READYdebit Visa makes it easy for you to get money in your account for use with the card. It also allows you ATM cash access so you can easily access the money after it has been deposited as well.

What are the Benefits if it’s Not a Credit Card?

This particular Visa card is not a credit card, which means you will not be borrowing money from anyone exactly, but it does allow you to have access to your money through a card. This, therefore, allows you to utilize features such as online bill payment systems for things like electricity, gas, and internet bills. These are all processes that can help build your credit and assist you in getting a credit card in the future, which is another reason why this is a great alternative CC for bad credit or alternative CC for no credit. Using a card rather than cash has also been proven to be safer. If you lose your card, it can easily be canceled. On the other hand, lost cash can rarely be replaced or recovered. The Visa Zero Liability policy also protects your card from unauthorized charges should it be lost or stolen.

Facts About The READYDebit Visa Select Card 

You need to know some facts about the READYDebit Visa Select Card because the card is unique in how it helps you manage your money. You can use these cards when you need to establish credit, improve your credit, or make purchases every day. You might find that you want one of these cards because it helps you store all your money in the same place, and you do not pay interest rates because it is just a debit card. You could use this card to get rewards, and it gives you the Visa logo that you can use all over the world to make purchases.

Benefits About The READYDebit Visa Select

You must know all the benefits of the READYDebit Visa Select before signing up for the card, and you will find that this card is very easy to use. It is one of the simplest cards that you could use, and it helps you avoid using a bank if you do not want to put your money in a place where you could be charged fees. You could use this card because you want one source of purchasing power, and it still goes on your credit report. You could get rewards, and you are given all the service that is provided with a traditional Visa card.

Visa Service 

You are given the service that you would expect with any Visa card. You can use this card to get access to special events, to buy tickets, or to get discounts at certain stores. You can save money because the card gives you an automatic discount when you make special purchases, and the rewards are given in cash or through your preferred vendor. You are free to call the concierge center at any time, and they will tell you what they can do for you from scheduling travel to buying tickets on your card. You must be prepared to call Visa any time you need a special service because they do the best job in the industry.

Who Could Use The Card? 

The READYDebit is a perfect card for people who are trying to get their money out of the bank and onto something that pays them back. The card could be used if you do not have good credit, and you could help improve your credit because you might not have been allowed a bank account by some banks. The card can be attached to anything from your weekly purchases to your company for direct deposit. The card will fill up with all the money that you have earned, and it comes with an app that you can use to check the balance online.

The Card Is Secure

The card is completely secure, and it comes with the chip that you exact in most credit cards today. It functions as a credit card, and it can be run as a credit card in any place that you use it. You simply need to decide if this is the card for you because it can help you get the best results from your purchases. You might need to run it as a credit to get a reward, or you might need to use it as a credit so that you can avoid putting in your PIN.

No Fees

You are not charged any fees by this card, and you do not need to throw money away just to have a decent prepaid card. You do not pay a fee to let the company hold your money, and they do not impose any minimum balances on you. You simply need to be certain that you have something on the card at all times. The card does not make you pay an annual fee, and the card will work in all ATMs if you are taking out cash. In fact, the fee is waived in most cases.

How Do You Apply? 

You can apply for this card online at any time. You can fill out their form on the website, and you will receive your card in the mail shortly after the application is processed. You must order this card as soon as possible so that you can start using it immediately. You can move all your money to the card, and you can take money off the card at any time. This is a simple card to use, and they have a service center that can help you in any situation.

READYdebit Visa Select

The READYdebit Visa Select card works with you to serve as a great checking account alternative. It’s an easy card to sign up for, providing you with your routing number and account number instantly. This helps because it also comes with free direct deposit and both of these pieces of information will be necessary when setting that up. This direct deposit feature is great to ensure your paychecks or even your social security benefit checks are immediately deposited into your account.

Time Frame For Deposits

No time is lost waiting for those checks to arrive or for the funds to become available after you’ve deposited them. Sometimes you might not want to deposit all of these checks, however, the card allows you to withdraw the funds you desire from an ATM or to get cash back with purchases too. This makes it very simple to do what you want with your money, in contrast to a lot of cards like this that can impose many limitations on transactions both in stores and at ATMs. As a prepaid card, the money on it is still entirely yours, and you should be able to use it like it is too.

Great Card for Children and TeenagersImage result for credit card illustration

The READYdebit Visa Select isn’t just for adults with bad credit or a CC for no credit, it’s also great for a parent to give to their child to help control the child’s spending as well. You can load money onto the prepaid card at over 60,000 stores, or even transfer money to it from a regular bank account. It can be the perfect way to provide your children with an allowance or to better control how much your teens are sending out when they borrow the car to hang out with friends or go out to eat or to the movies with a group of kids from school. Doing this early on can also help build the importance of proper and responsible spending in their eyes to help them better understand it in the future. This will help them avoid a lot of the pratfalls that lead to poor or no credit. These cards are a great option for those who want the benefits of a credit card without the ability to obtain one. They offer many of the same features, like direct deposit, a more secure form of payment, and the online banking convenience.


You should have a look at this card because it can provide you with all the purchasing power that you need. This card is a simple debit card that can pay you back, gives you the service you expect from VISA, and allows you to save money on all purchases from their partners.

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