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Total Visa Credit Card – Find the Best Visa Cards for Bad Credit – How to Get a Total Visa Card

It can be difficult getting a financial company to trust in you when you have a blemish on your credit. Bad credit is certainly a challenging situation, but it’s not the end of the world.

Some lenders are willing to offer people a second chance to prove themselves trustworthy with credit. If you are having a difficult time obtaining credit because of financial challenges bad credit, then you may want to look into applying for the Total Visa unsecured card. It just may be the credit card that saves your life and breathes some air back into your credit profile.

About the Total Visa Card

The Total Visa credit card is a bad credit unsecured card that Mid America Bank offers to people who have some credit challenges. The Total Visa card bad credit unsecured card has been around for years and is an alternative for people who cannot get credit cards elsewhere and would rather not send a security deposit into a secured card provider.

The company describes the Total Visa unsecured card as a tool for people who have past credit issues. Such people can use the card to get back on their feet and be regular credit holders.

Who Qualifies for the Total Visa Card?

The company is pretty lenient about who it approves for this card. As previously mentioned, people who have credit score challenges can still obtain a Total Visa. A person who has a 560 FICO score can obtain a card, for example. The individual has to be at least 18 years of age and be a United States resident.

Benefits of the Card

The main benefit of the card is that it provides hope to people who believe that they can get no credit unsecured. The card company makes it possible for such people to see an approval even during their darkest hours. In these days and times, it’s necessary to have a credit card because it can affect a person’s credit score tremendously. Having one can make a huge difference when it comes to obtaining approvals for homes or cars.

Another benefit, of course, is that the consumer has a little bit of a credit line to work with if things get challenging. Thousands of merchants accept the Total Visa card just like they accept other cards of its kind.

Challenges of this Card

Some challenges do exist with this card, as well. One of the most challenging aspects of this card is the processing fee. Before a new person can receive his or her card, that person has to pay a processing fee of $89.00. The card also has an annual fee of $75 that goes down to $48 after the first year. That’s a positive deduction in the annual fee. However, the card picks up a hefty monthly maintenance fee after the first year, and that fee ends up costing the customer $75. Some people see it as an excessive cost, but it’s sometimes the only option for people who have financial challenges bad credit.

How Consumers Rate the Total Visa

Consumers have a variety of opinions about this card. Some people see it as a Godsend because they had no other way to obtain the credit they needed to get back into the credit scene. Other people see it as a bit of a burden because of all the fees. The thing to remember is that a consumer can always apply for different cards once he or she reestablishes creditworthiness. Consumers on sites like Credit Karma gave the card a rating of 2.5 overall. The people who loved it loved it for its credit repair tool aspects. The people who disliked it felt that the fees were too high.

How to Get a Total Visa Card

Anyone who is interested in getting a total Visa can apply for one today. The application process takes only a few minutes. To get a card, the individual can visit the website and provide just a little bit of information to see if that person is suitable for the card. If the company approves the person’s request, it will want the individual to pay the processing fee to continue the application. Once the processing fee is paid, the card company will send the new card to the consumer. That person can start the new credit journey from that moment forward. The Total Visa card is meant to be a tool or a stepping stone into a better situation with a credit card. Anyone who has challenging credit could use it to climb back into the world of credit. The application takes less than five minutes, and hardly anyone gets rejected from the card. It’s perfect for those who think they can get no credit unsecured.