Top 10 Best Stocks to Invest on Wall Street in 2021 Selected By Bankers and Investopedia

Dividend Stocks to Buy Hand Over Fist for the Second Half

The first quarter of the year is coming to an end and it is an ideal period to remember which stocks have the greatest potential for gains and returns on Wall Street in 2021, a year that begins to position itself as the beginning of the post-Covid recovery. With this in mind, more than 3,200 companies are listed in the US indices and banks such as Morgan Stanley and investment platforms such as Investopedia have chosen their top picks in pharmaceutical companies due to the launch of Covid vaccines as well as technology companies that continue to promise high returns due to the continuous expansion of products and new services.

Investments Always Come With Risk

It is very important to take into account recent situations such as the fear of higher inflation due to the rise in the yields of Treasury bonds in the US, the rise in oil prices or the volatility in other commodities including but not limited to Cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin which can have a profound impact on the profitability of various stocks on Wall Street over the course of the year. Based on all that has occurred this year we have hand selected 10 of the best stocks to invest in the US market in 2021, each provided below.

1. Pfizer

Pfizer is one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world and one of the ones that has obtained the highest profitability in the midst of the pandemic due to the rapid development of its anti-Covid-19 vaccine, which is one of the most widespread in the world. The company’s profits will skyrocket according to analysts in 2021 and most of the recommendations that analysts give for its purchase are positive. Its current price is $35 per share.

2. Modern

Also in the pharmaceutical sector, Moderna stands out, one of the best stocks of 2021. Listed on the Nasdaq index, its vaccine against Covid-19 is one of the most effective against the disease, although its distribution has not been as fast. Its price is $144 per share.

3. AstraZeneca

Despite the recent controversies over side effects of its vaccine, developed together with the University of Oxford, AstraZeneca, based in Cambridge (England) has developed a highly effective vaccine. Some bureaucratic setbacks have slowed its definitive rise, but to overcome the new problems, mainly in Europe, they lead analysts to have this title on their radar due to its high valuation. Its current price is US $ 9,850 per share.

4. Apple

The giant led by Tim Cook is one of the strongest competitors in the technology industry in the world, due to its unique component of innovation, which is why it is attractive to make investments and with the launch of the new family of iPhone in the second semester of the year and its permanent portfolio renewal in other areas promises improvements. His stock is valued at about $122.

5. Amazon

After the pandemic, e-commerce platforms have benefited the most from the situation and their appreciation has not stopped growing. Amazon is no exception to this movement and as the largest exponent of the sector in the world, the company founded by Jeff Bezos continues to seduce investors. During 2020, it registered record sales and in 2021 it does not seem that this will reverse. So investing in shares of this company, which are over $3,082, is a wise move.

6. Microsoft

Computers that do not have an Apple operating system have Windows and for each license that is sold for this system, the company wins. Therefore, investing in Microsoft shares, which are valued at about $233, rising about 20% since the end of 2020, is another option to consider in the field of technology companies.

7. Google

Alphabet, the Wall Street-listed parent of Google, which currently has a share price of $2,047, continues to call out the stock of investors on Wall Street for recent moves such as the decrease as of July 1 in the fee it charges to app developers in your Play Store. Analysts have valued this news as very favorable for the company because with this change, 99% of developers around the world who sell digital goods and services in the Play Store will see a 50% reduction in rates.

8. Tesla

The jewel in the crown of Elon Musk, which last year saw the value of its share soar by 700%, has had a slow start to the year, but it is still one of the stocks with the greatest projection in the medium and long term as it sets the standard in the electric vehicle market with force and permanent disruptive innovations that promise to value it more with the rise of this type of car in the most developed countries. Its stock is trading at $668.

9. Visa and Mastercard

At this point, the world’s leading financial services and credit card multinationals also stand out. Visa and Mastercard are favored by the increasing adoption of digital transactions, fueled by the pandemic, which has accelerated the disappearance of physical money. Analysts agree that the elimination of paper money will continue strongly in 2021 and 2022, so a long-term investment in these companies could be considered. Visa’s stock is trading at $ 224, while Mastercard’s stock is around $380.

10. Nvidia

It is another of the shares that, like Tesla, has had a slow start to the year, but is powered by a prediction system that marks a revaluation that could exceed the future price of the share by 30,222%. This means an investment with high potential value in the long term. Nvidia Corp. continues to position itself as a multinational benchmark specialized in the development of graphic processing units and integrated circuit technologies for workstations, personal computers and mobile devices. Its stock is trading at $521.


This year so far has had some wild swings in everything from stock to cryptocurrencies, however the overall sentiment across the board are positive regarding completion of the second quarter and leading into Q3 and Q4. Please remember that although we use credible sources and do our own due diligence when selecting stocks, the information provided here is merely opinions and should be considered subject to your own research and due diligence. Tons of Cards is in no way an accredited investment adviser and can not be held responsible for any losses that may occur when investing in any of the above mentioned assets. Please always seek professional assistance before making large investments and never invest more than you can afford to loose.

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