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Tons of Cards (TOC) has been publishing personalized advice to help readers maximize their travel experiences since the site debuted in November 2015. What started out as a credit and travel blog by founder and CEO Mary Huggins has evolved into a lifestyle media brand with 2,000,000+ unique visitors a year. We have a staff of 10, including a couple of expert editors, writers and reporters, and a large pool of regular contributors equally adept at parsing, analyzing and reporting on the world of financial advice, credit opportunities and travel savings. 

Tons of Cards is a group of savvy investors who each have a background in finance. From VC's to Bankers, Realtors to Hedge Funds Managers who each work together to contribute our discoveries to this website in hopes to share what we have learned with others. 

We are located at:

Tons of Cards. A subsidiary of Enterprise Technology Group, LLC

  • Miami Beach, FL 33139
  • Office - (800) 831-6030

For ad sales and media / partnership inquiries, contact mary@tonsofcards.com.

For information about how to contribute to TonsOfCards.com, contact info@tonsofcards.com

For press and media inquiries please contact press@tonsofcards.com.

To send us tips, email tips@tonsofcards.com.

For newsletter issues or questions, email TOC@tonsofcards.com

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